Man Crush Mon(scratch that... Errry)day

Hi readers:

I thought, in honor of it being almost the weekend, (and my excitement for the weekend being that I am currently surviving the back to school week) I would like to let you know that my forever man crush just started his own blog over at TheBleacherView.com. He is so witty, and intelligent, and for those of you that have hubbies starting fantasy football, his insight is pretty beyond his resources and very well beyond his years. He is so intelligent, and knowledgeable and has always given advice to all of the guys we know on what their fantasy football decisions and moves should be, that he thought why not put them online!

Look up FANATIC and you will probably see his picture. He is a home team fan with a lot of passion for sports in general (football is my favorite).

I love you, George Vazquez. You make my heart skip a beat!


Quiet Summer

Hey all! 

So yes,  I have been exceptionally quiet this summer. The first summer,  married,  and a home owner so I imagine that you can all imagine how my summer went. Stress. Stress. Stress. Lol. Meaning that now with teacher orientation week half way through I am ecstatic for the school year. I haven't posted in a bit but doesn't mean that I haven't been creating. How about you?  Here are some of my pictures. Send me some of yours!

Stay Tuned

It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's... some totally free Superhero Party printables. {Yes, I know, you saw that coming}

The printables will be up soon. Stay tuned!

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