Freebie Fridays

Hey readers! Today's Freebie Friday is dedicated to my beautiful sister's birthday and to any other birthday's coming up in your lives. It is a black and white striped and chevron birthday banner. Totally Yours! Totally Free! Enjoy!


Party Time!

Hi readers:

What a long week it's been culminating, however, in one of my favorite days of the years! Besides it being a Freebie Friday again tomorrow, it's my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Tina! Tomorrow should be exciting! She has decided that we all get our boots on and go down to the nearby Country Western Bar for some line-dancing. Before these festivities, I get to decorate my house for a beautiful cake cutting made by, of course, moi!

I plan on creating a Naked Ombre Frosting Cake. Sorta like this one below posted by the lovely crew over at Lovey Dovey Darling.

We me luck! and subscribe to see pictures of the finished product and get a beautiful freebie birthday banner! :)


Freebie Fridays

Hi fellow crafters! Here is your Freebie Friday!

With Spring around the corner I thought you would love this beautiful FREE printable pendant banner.

Here are some step by steps:
First Step: Download!

 Second Step: Get your supplies

 Third Step: Cut & Fold

Keep Going!

You're Almost Done!

Then tape it to string, put it up, & enjoy!


Great Find

Here you are crafters... in honor of being a month away from the First Day of Spring. I thought all of you beautiful followers would love this super adorbs find!

{Keep an eye out for our Freebie Fridays coming up for some lovely freebie printables created by yours truly!}


This super cute FREE printable is made by the awesome team over at Somewhat Simple.


Tubular Tips Tuesday

Hey chalkboard artists or artists in training,

Have something special coming up and you want to create a chalkboard? Well instead of laboring over getting it just right and not smudging it once you have, go by your nearest craft or hobby store and buy yourself one of these beautiful babies:

For more information or to purchase online: Click Here!

It makes it real easy to keep it organized and correct. Here is one I did this past weekend for a wedding a great friend of mine.


Freebie Fridays

Hi all! This is going to be exciting! Let me be the first to introduce you to Freebie Fridays! With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought it would be great to provide all of you lovelies with a Valentine's Day Freebie.


I "chews" you!

Hi Beautifuls! I wanted to share this awesome find with you! With Valentine's Day almost here, I thought it would be fun to include this gem.

{p.s. I love social media and how easy it makes us to network with other crafty geniuses!}

This beauty is brought to you by the SUPER talented Aly who has the fabulous blog: It Happened Like This

Thanks for reading and following along,


Welcome to Miss & Tell

Welcome and thanks for joining us! As you look around you will quickly notice that I love crafting and for all and every occassion. This website is geared towards helping the non-crafty pinterest-ers, moms, teachers, and hobby-ists get crafty. I plan to simplify all the super complicated crafts with super intricate and hard to understand directions. So feel free to snag whatever you find interesting and subscribe to get our weekly crafting tips and tricks and to follow along as I chronicle all my hits or as I Miss & Tell.


Matching Shirts for Newlyweds

As you may already know, my hubby and I just got married and for the morning that we left on our honeymoon I made us these beauties. I had originally went on etsy to see if I could just purchase them but for newlyweds (or just about to be newlyweds) on a budget the prices seemed a bit outrageous. Therefore I quickly decided to make myself some. These were made with a puffy fabric paint bottle freehand by yours truly but I have created a free template (here) for your enjoyment. Make for yourself or for the newlyweds in your life. Maids of honor? This is the perfect gift for your bride!
Now, there are two ways to make it. You can either use puffy paint like I did, or use these sheets here. I will include step by step for both below.
{What you will need}
Puffy Paint (or Transfer Sheets)
2 T-shirts
Exacto Knife or any straight edge paper cutter (I like Exacto's)
Cutting mat
Washable Marker
(For the transfer sheets you will also need an iron)
{Puffy Paint}
Step 1. Print out template
Step 2. Place your template on your cutting mat
Step 3. Use an Exacto knife to cut the image out
*this will be the tricky part because you will need to cut out exactly what you want- meaning letter by letter on the very edge
Step 4. Arrange letters on the shirt however you would like them to appear
Step 5. Now trace them with the marker
Step 6. This will be the fun part,  remove the template and you will have all your image before you, now trace over the marker with your puffy paint (choosing whether to fill it in or just leaving the outline) (to fill it in, I poured the puffy paint onto a paper plate and used a nylon paint brush)
Step 7. Let dry overnight
Step 8. Stick in the washer and hang dry
Step 9. Wear and flaunt your art
{Now With the Transfer Sheets}
Step 1 through 4. See above

His & Her Disney Shirts

This year, my husband and I became Walt Disney World Passholders due to a Christmas gift from my lovely mother. Naturally, I'm ecstatic and start planning! First thing on my list was matching shirts. This was pretty simple, and I am including the free download here so that you can print and use yourself.

What you will need:
- Fabric Transfer Sheets (Found HERE)
*please keep in mine that there are sheets for light and dark fabric
- Inkjet Printer
- Cotton T-Shirts (We used V-Necks)
- Scissors
- Iron

First thing you need to do is print out the image onto your transfer sheets. You can use the image I have attached, or you can create your own, however, make sure that you mirror the image before printing, and then the rest of the directions are pretty easy.

Place your transfer sheet image side down, and put a lot of heat directly on to the backside of it. No, really... A LOT of heat. When you think you are done (because you try to lightly pull up the image and can't) turn the shirt inside out and iron again... yep, you guessed it... use a lot of heat! When you are done, about 5-10 minutes of heat applied, let it completely cool, and peel off... and VOILA! You get to be one of those corny couples walking through Disney wearing matching shirts!

Have a baby? A little beast or beauty? Let's talk about customizing shirts for your beautiful family. 

Snowman Smash

Great for rainy Winter days, this very simple craft turned game can be created by the little ones.
What you will need:
● Styrofoam Cups {here we used bowls}
● Permanent Markets {crayons can be used as well}
And presto! This is fun because the kiddos can be as creative as they want.
When you're done,  stack them and make some paper balls [snowballs] and try and knock all the snowman's pieces over.
Happy crafting!

Fancy Gold Stud Party Sign

Ringing in the New Year, it would only make sense that the new post on my new blog show all of you all of the wonderful DIY decorations we had at our little shindig.  My favorite DIY project was our desserts table background. We made this sign with things bought at our nearby dollar store. My favorite thing about this project is that done in different colors and it can be used for any type of event!

What you need:

1 Poster Sized Foam Board
1 Box of (at least) 300 Thumbtacks (in your color choice)
1 Pencil
and a printout of your quote in your favorite font*

*I didn't use these because fonts and letters are my specialty, but this would make it so that anyone at all can do it.

Step One: Trace out your quote onto the board.

Step Two: Start punching in your thumbtacks.

Step Three: Enjoy!

Keep Crafting!

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