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My name is Crystal and I love to create! I am constantly getting dirty painting something, fixing something, cooking something, or building something. The idea of this blog is to simplify all the Pinterest DIY Projects (etc.) so that even the least crafty person could do it.

The inspiration for this blog came from my husband. He and I were laying in bed one day watching the DIY network, and he says to me "Why do they call it the DIY Network if it's not really DIY?" and I quickly replied (as an avid DIYer and DIY Network watcher, in a super offended tone), "Of course, it's DIY, I could do that!", and he says "Yeah, YOU could that!" & that got me thinking! Just because super crafty or resourceful people can tackle these DIY crafts or projects, does not make it DIY for everyone. Sometimes, even the instructions on their own could be a project. Who understands those things?!
So here goes, I am going to devote my extra time to helping crafter & non-crafter alike on their crafting endeavors, from home to garden, from work to leisure, and you cannot leave out PARTY! Follow along as I hit or MISS & TELL.
Name: Crystal
Birthday: June 16th
How many times have you moved: I have only moved 4 times.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos: None
Piercings: 4 in one ear, 2 in the other

Color: Purple & Blue
Food: French Fries!
Candy: Starburst & Sour Patch
Movie: Grease!
TV Show: House Hunters, & Pretty Little Liars
Band or Singer: Frank Sinatra
Holiday: Christmas
Season: Summer
Day of the week: Saturday
Store: Target
Restaurant: Chili's
Animal: Elephants
Flower: Sunflowers


pepsi or coke: Coke
mcdonalds or burger king: McDonalds
chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla
tv or movies: Movies
colored pencils or markers: Colored Pencils
sun or moon: Sun
day or night: Day
pants or shorts: Pants
long sleeve or short sleeve: Short Sleeve
n'sync or backstreet boys: Backstreet Boys
burgers or hot dogs: Burgers!
rock or rap: Rap
aim or phone: Phone
romantic comedy or thriller: Romantic Comedy
waffles or pancakes: Pancakes
peanut butter or jelly: Peanut butter

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