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Hey all,

Hope all is well! How are things in my neck of the woods, you ask? Well I had a wonderful day. Naturally, as a crafter, I absolutely look forward to days off so that I can get my craft on, but today not only did I get crafty butt in action but I got some of my friends crafting with me- My sister, and my best friend. What a blast! However, being kind of a lonesome crafter, I observed these two gals, and I noticed that everyone has their own tools of choice, and their own methods, that they, choose to follow. I am probably a little more "unconventional" than probably the average artist, but below, these are my tools of choice- yes, a paper plate, and a tiny little brush. 

If you haven't noticed already, I like letters. Calligraphy, typography, letters- I am totally and completely obsessed with all of it, and with this tiny brush I can letter beautifully.

What is/are your "weapon(s) of choice"?


Spaghetti Jar Upcycle

Hello to all my lovely readers:

Have you ever seen the beautiful pinterest posts using mason jars? Well, I have too and absolutely love them! Therefore, I am constantly saving all of my spaghetti sauce jars and I love it! Although I cannot say the same for my husband, haha! Saving these jars, means that I have stacks of them all over!

For those of you interested in doing the same thing, I have some tips on how to prep these jars for crafting.

First clean the jars out with dish soap. {You can soak them in clorox too.}

Then you are going to want to soak them in hot water to get the labels loose enough to peel off.

The paper peels off leaving some glue residue. You can them take your dish sponge {or a scouring pad} and, using the rough side, rub the glue residue off.

Then once you let them dry completely, they are ready for crafting.

 Happy crafting!


Crafting Around The House

Hi y'all!

So recently my husband expressed his concern about needing a place to hang his keys. Like I've shared many times,  being new homeowners is tons of fun but there are times when we just totally overlook things that we need life... like somewhere to hang our keys lol. So i assured him that we'd find one and then my best friend bought me an early Christmas present that I had to immediately put up. It's a mail basket. I'm totally obsessed. It goes great with our rustic industrial theme here at home and then thought of a great idea to craft up for a home for our keys. Here it is, tell me what you think!


Worst. Nightmare. Ever.

Hi all:
So I come with bad terrible horrible news. I bought these ikea shelves and I'm totally not blaming ikea but they both have fallen. My poor little craft room. I use the shelves for keeping my buttons, glitter, spray paints, knickknacks and recycled glass jars and bottles that I plan to use for future projects. I'm pretty sure that glass did it but is there something else I'm missing?  Any tips?


Great Find

I found this and had to share! Enjoy!

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