{It's a Minnie} Freebie Friday

Hi Moms & Dads!

My niece is ABOUT to turn one and we are SO excited! This is going to be HUGE! and we are {little by little} getting ready for her Minnie Mouse bash. We are doing a lot by hand and some I have done on my computer. Which, although not my tool of choice, I think some of the things we made came out REALLY cute.

Below are the images of what I created, and here is another FREEBIE that will be loved by anyone obsessed by the oh so adorable Minnie Mouse and her lovely polka-dot bow. Here are some Free Food Label Tents to print and get ideas.Also, I have included a beautiful little printable for your candy station! I hope you love these Minnie Mouse inspired printables.

Please let us know how it goes! 


What a {Bite-Ful!}

Hello lovely readers! Happy Friday!

My best friend's son is OBSESSED with Dinosaurs. He just turned three, but no he is not into the soft and cuddly kind. The scarier, the better for this kid! His favorite movie is Jurassic Park, which actually still scares the bi-geebeez out of me. 

That being said y'all, I am SO excited to share these lovely pictures of very simple DIY tweaks that add a "T-Rexirrific" touch on any party! My best friend is responsible for these cute little projects, and I have to say I am SO proud of her. She may not be the most crafty of "crafters," but she knows what she wants, and she is very resourceful. She gets it done!

Here are some pictures I took with my camera phone of the results! 


and that, my friends is a wrap!


Thank You {A Bunch}

Hi readers:

Every year I work the same Summer Camp at Bridgeprep. It is so much fun, and a nice way to keep the kiddos busy during these long and hot days. Working so hard these last couple weeks has made it very hard to post any of my latest creations. However, this morning I thought I should post this little gem and share it with all of you. During the summer, our staff is amazing (our school year staff is awesome too) and so I thought it would be nice to thank them here and then for all the awesome work that they do! 

I made them little snack bags like these and have included the download so that you can use them too!

Enjoy! And let me know how it goes!


did you know?

Did you know that many of you are crafty without even knowing it? Have you made ANYTHING by hand? Maybe a favorite dish? Or a book? Calendar? Hmm... what else? Comment below what you have made by hand.

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