My Latest Obsession

Hi readers! Happy Thursday!

I hope you had a beautiful Memorial Day. My husband bought me a flag to put up in the front of my house. It's beautiful. Here is the picture I put up on insta this past weekend.

But now, this brings up a perfect point: {My Latest Obsession}. It's this new picture editing app called "Studio." It's the app I used to make the picture I posted above. It is AMAZING, and has SO MANY cool capabilities and features. You can get more information here.

It has so many beautiful overlays and fonts, and it is SUPER user-friendly. For the overlays, you click on the category, choose an overlay, and you can change the color, size, direction or opacity. This app is ideal for your fun photo DIY projects.

My favorite capability of this app is the REMIX button. Studio has a feature that is very much like Instagram. You post your pictures to a public photo reel. This way if you see a picture someone else posts, and you like the way they edited it, all you have too do 1. click the remix button and then 2. select the photo you want to apply that edit to. It's VERY simple.

So if you want to give it a try, you can click below to download the app into your phone.

Don't forget to share your new creations with us! Can't wait to hear from you.


{Grad Bash} Kinder Edition

Teachers everywhere are rejoicing as countdowns have come down to single digit numbers. Summer is almost here!
With that being said, as you are getting ready for graduation or End Of The Year parties, here is a SUPER cute DIY that will add beautiful color and fun accents to any of your end of year festivities.
Start off with poster board or if you can get your hands on some of this great bulletin board paper in white. And draw out what image you want as you can see below.

{Now here's a tip for this as I know that not all of us are such talented "typographists." If your classroom has a projector in it, project the image on the board, put your poster board up on the board. Just trace the image and voilĂ ! If you don't have a projector in hand, you can make a banner on Microsoft Publisher and use it as a template for whatever image you want}

Then add whatever details you want.

I LOVE GLITTER! but don't forget to stay tidy because the mess can be terrible. Here's our aftermath:


Freebie Friday

Hi lovely readers!

This Freebie Friday goes out to all my brides to be. As you read, Miss & Tell was at the Great Bridal Expo as a guest of VIP Events Miami. Their designs are beautiful but they asked me to give it a little Miss & Tell Accent. A lot of what I did for them was chalkboards, but I also made some tables numbers. She had a Great Gatsby themed table.

You see the table number? Yep... that was me!

So here's what I did:

I printed out the attached files HERE (Made by Moi). I printed them onto white shimmery cardstock. Then I cut it out 3"x5". I then cut black cardstock into a 3.5"x7.5" rectangle for the backing. I glued the number to the top of the black cardstock, leaving .5" and then extra inch and a half at the bottom, I folded back to use it as a stand for the number.
Alternative: You can cut the black cardstock into a 3.5"x5.5" rectangle, glue the white number in the center, and just buy a cute stand online. 
{Here is an example found on the knot.com}

Tell me what you think. :)


My Latest Creation

Hi readers!

Moving into our new home,  has been so exciting. So many new crafty possibilities.
Ladies, is your hubby very forgetful or when you tell him about upcoming plans, he makes pretend that he has no idea what you're talking about?  Lol. Well... if you answered to both of those questions, Congratulations! My husband always forgets about upcoming plans. I always find myself reminding him of things or figuring out how to be at two places at the same time because of overbooking. Haha. You know... he likes to keep it interesting. Lol!

So I had this chalkboard lying around from the wedding. Below is what it looked like for the day of my wedding:

I knew I wanted to put it up somewhere in my house and the last time we had to find out how to be at a baby shower and a family lunch at the same time, my light bulb turned on. I thought to myself,  "duh! Calendar!" So I turned it into a weekly calendar and put it up across from the fridge. You know... one of his favorite places in the house. And let me tell you, it has worked wonders. He now knows the weekly schedule before hand. My work schedule,  our upcoming events,  even trash and recycle day... It's all there! 

I first used a chalk marker so I could erase if I messed up {a lot of the letters I do, are COMPLETELY freehand} which lends for sometimes some minor mistakes even though I will never really admit it lol. Once I was content with the artwork, I covered it with a white paint pen. This means I can wet erase it and only the chalk will come off and not the stuff I want to stay.
{Those of you worried that you will ruin a perfectly good chalkboard: don't worry, you can always just repaint it. Watch for upcoming blogs}
Happy Home Making!


Blog Update

Hi readers! I just realized that I never showed you the Easter Cross I made for my front door. I didn't take any stop by step pictures because it happened while I was moving and things got a little hectic, but I am following up on a blog I posted a while back with one I found online. {See post HERE}. Anyway, here is a picture of mine!

Supplies I used:
- Hot Glue Gun
- Dollar Store Faux Flowers
- Twine
- Cardstock
- Black Marker

Tell me what you think!


{Mothers Day Recap}

Good morning lovely people and Happy Belated Mother's Day to my mommy readers.

Like I have been announcing,  we bought a new house,  my hubby and I,  and we decided to invite everyone over yesterday for Mother's Day and it was a total success.

All the guests got a little tour of the new place {although far from being ready} and we sat down and talked for hours.

Here is a short recap in pictures of how the day went.


Messy Morning

Good morning from the Miss and Tell HQ. Guess what all?! I got a craft room. So... remember how I had told you all that we bought a new house. Well, it came with a craft room. As you can see, however, I haven't gotten to organizing it at all. Stay tuned!


Whistle While You Work

Or blog while you work... work on my house that it. So, I'm not sure if you've heard but we just bought ourselves or first home and I am so excited to start working on it. This week I'm painting some picture frames I found. I'm converting them into chalkboards. Believe it or not here's a fun tip: you can spray paint the glass of any picture frame with chalkboard paint and it will turn that frame into a chalkboard! I know I still squeal of excitement every time I do it  here are some pictures I took to show you all the step by step.

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