{what a} Marvelous Monday

Hi readers:

I have to say how amazed and in love I am with latest obsession.


This is great for printing your Instagram pictures!
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Here is an example of what they offer:

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Freebie Friday

Frozen Party Printables

Good morning readers!

We threw a party recently for my niece that was Frozen themed, and I thought, how cute is this? A Frozen party in the summer! Olaf, of course, approved. Here are some pictures for you to grab any ideas from. This was a collaboration with VIP FD&E and Sweets by Sonia. They are always such a pleasure to work with!

And, if you have a little daughter you know, very well, the FROZEN obsession. Well here is a little freebie for those of you that are planning to have a Frozen themed party this summer.

In this pack there are Food Tents, & Ziploc Bag Tags. Here's what you're going to need:

For these Food Tents, we used marshmallows, and chocolate kisses. We put them each in their own platter with the food tent printed on Cardstock, folded in half, in front. You can get the editable version here. The font I used here is called "Aspire." You will need to download it first into your PC, Notebook, or Laptop. You can find it by "googling" the font name, but there's a great version here. Have never downloaded a font? You can find the How-To here

We also had Olaf Noses {Carrots} and these awesome Ziploc bag tags.

We attached the Ziploc Bag Tags to, you guessed it, Ziploc Bags and then put these in their goodie bags. In each Ziploc Bag, there were 3 marshmallows, two pretzel sticks, some brown M&Ms, and a baby carrot. The guests {Baby L's little friends}, chose to either build their snowman or just eat the pieces. It was SO cute and tons of fun for the little ones. 

I hope you enjoy, and remember to share any of your hits or misses on the comments below. 



{Studio Life}

Okay... so maybe not your idea of a studio... but every artist needs their space, and this space is ALL mine. it's coming along as you can see here... oh and how can I forget, here {yikes!}. It's come a long way. I would love to hear your ideas or thoughts. Comment below!

I got these two Ikea tables that are a GREAT space for any craft, or project. They are not too bulky, and the way my room is set up, I can put the two next to each other along the wall to make for one really long table if ever needed. {I'm trying to leave a little space for my husband to use his laptop if need be- He's my manager, lol}

I love me some Marilyn Monroe. Okay, so I know she has her story... but don't we all?! AND, she used her story to propel her into a career that although ended quickly will resonate through time. 



Tissue Paper Garland

These little garlands are all the rage at the kid's parties, and some of us have spent so much of our time finding the right ones with the right colors. Here is where all the searching stops! Although they will be available on my store soon, you don't need to purchase them from anyone after this quick step by step.

First things first, what will you need? Well you need to determine how many tassles you want to make and what colors? In this case, we made 6 for the studio {2 pink, 2 black, & 2 white}. You are going to need a sheet of tissue paper for each. These sheets are Spritz brand and they are 16 1/2" x 24" {41.9 cm x 60.9 cm}. Spritz is available in the party section of any Target. You are also going to need string, scissors, and I love any opportunity to use Washi Tape, and this is one of those very opportunities.

You need to separate the tissue paper into individual pieces. You will then cut it down the middle {vertically} and then layer the two pieces, fold in half one way and then the other way.

Do you remember making fans in elementary out of paper? Well that same back and forth fold that you used then, you will use now. As seen below.

Then you are going to need to cut slits into your little folded tissue paper. I cut along the folds and then again in the middle. Keeping it folded, so that I don't need to cut so many individual slits. Each slit, leaving about 1 1/2" from the top of the paper. {Tip: For this step you need some really strong, sharp, new, good scissors.}

Then, it is very important that you separate {carefully} the strips you just cut. Be very careful. You want to completely separate them, and open up your tissue paper, like below.

You are now going to refold it. This step is important because it will give your tassel volume. {If only our hair were this easy, lol} Remember that back and forth fold we did earlier? Well do that again, with this larger piece of tissue paper. So that you get something like this below.

Then you are going to fold it in half over your string and wrap Washi Tape around it.

This is important so that wherever you place your tassel you can move it later! See?

Let me know how this works for you? I tries to simplify as much as possible, but if you are still having some trouble, you can contact me about purchasing a custom one. Thanks!

Downloadable Fonts

Hi readers! Thought I would do a quick How-To. I realized that this is a necessity for any of your summertime printable projects.

Have you ever opened an editable printable and see that the font does not match up? Annoying, right?! Well here is how you can download all these cool fonts into your windows computer, or laptop. Apple users can click here. {Thanks Fontspring}

So I love to use Dafonts.com. They have up to date fonts, and a very user friendly face. However you can google any font, or even things like "Mickey Mouse Font" and fonts should come up. This being said, your first step is to find your font.

Okay so we found it! In this case we are downloading a font called "Aspire." {Heads up: It will be used for an upcoming editable printable on this site.} Now that you have found your font, next thing to do is click Download. Once you click download, your file should appear in your download list.

Okay, there it is, now click "Open". Once you click open you should not have to locate your file. Most of the time it is already located in your "Downloads" folder. However if this part doesn't work {it didn't work on my husband's laptop}using the same drop down menu as before {by right clicking on the file} you can click "Show In Folder" instead of "Open." Once you've located it, right click on it, and "Open With" --> "Microsoft Windows." It will open and all you have to do now is click "Install." Voila! It's done. Now just open your editable printable or any program installed on your computer if you wish to create your own printables!

Tip: If your program was already open and you don't see the font. You are going to need to save your work and then reopen the program.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment box below. Enjoy!


My Birthday!

Hello lovely readers. Yesterday was my birthday. And it was such a nice weekend leading up to it. We had a weekend full of parties and responsibilities, but last night for my birthday we chose to just slow down and make it a cheese and wine night. No decor- minus a backdrop that my step mom and sister brought by- just family and love.

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes. You are all too sweet.

Enjoy these few pictures I took!


Summer rrrrr!

Hi all!

So I have been more than enjoying my time off. I have even been able to work on my craft room. Remember that crazy picture I put up last. Well it has come a LONG way. It's exciting. I have also been working on a lot of projects that I will be posting soon.

Anyway... here's the room. Let me know what you think.

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