Whistle While You Work

Hey friends! Happy Friday!! I'm so excited to say that I have been busy doing what I love most... commissioned artwork! I love letters. From A all the way to Z, {even though I'm not super fond of Q.} So... I get excited when someone sees my work and likes it enough to have me create something for them, for their home! If any of you are interested too, feel free to contact me in any way you find most convenient. Get connected through the side bar right on this page!


Thought of The Day

Hey all-

Today, as I look around my classroom, I sit and think about how important it is to the life of a child or at least these children, the approval of others. My students, new and old, girl or boy, about to graduate or just entering middle school, all yearn for, hunger for attention and approval of the students around them. The words, the smiles, the nods of approval... they really keep these kids moving.

And It burdens me.

Realizing this hasn't made me pity them, or sympathize for them, but rather it has given me the task, the job, of making sure that they are given at least one nod of approval a day. Even something as a smile can go such a long way with these guys. And as we come to the end, I can't help to think, every year, if, where my 8th graders are going, there will be a teacher, or custodian, or office staff member, or anyone, that will carry this same burden, this same torch. I have to admit, it is a heavy, tiring burden, sometimes. Worrying about them, and caring for them in this way, and maybe some would even argue that I shouldn't, but it wouldn't make me, ME!

Okay, so these are my ramblings of the day, what's on your mind today?



Hello Readers!

Sorry I haven't been writing too often. I have been so thankfully and gratefully busy with commissions for calligraphy and canvas art and THAT my friends makes me so excited! You wanna know another reason why I am so excited... March is National Crafting Month! So... go ahead... get your hands dirty and share pictures of your crafts with us!


Group Deals

Hello dearies! So... I came across this amazing find and thought I'd share it with all of you. I was working out with my new resistance bands and fell absolutely in love with them. My body is my major DIY project of this year and when I saw these on Groopdealz, I naturally had to buy!

They came as a set with 5 bands, all ranging in weight. I am in love. But Groopdealz also has a ton of other stuff I am in love with.

Check it out here


Anniversary Giveaway

Omg! It's my birthday! Well, actually my blog birthday! And because of that, I am doing a giveaway! Here is the way the contest will work:

All you have to do is subscribe to this blog, and at the end of the month I will randomly choose a winner.

What do you win?

A custom wall art piece by me! (For examples check out my instragam and this post here)

Good luck!


Madison's Birthday Pupcakes

Hi all! Madison's birthday was last month and I decided to try something a little different. I am so excited about how they came out so I decided to post it onto the blog.

I made pupcakes! 

Yes, that means I made cupcakes for my pup. And she devoured them down to the last bite [she even ate half the paper wrapper too].

They were so easy to make. Here are the ingredients you will need:
- 1/3 Cup Milk
- 1 Egg
- 2 Tb Vegetable Oil
- 2 Tb Honey
- 3/4 Cup Flour
- 1/4 Cup All Natural Peanut Butter [I used Low Sodium Too]
- 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
- 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
- 1/2 tsp All Natural Vanilla Extract

Looks yummy, huh!?

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix all the ingredients together and set on Stir for about 3 minutes. This will make sure that all the ingredients have mixed well. Then line your cupcake pan with about 4 liners. Spoon about the same amount of mixture into each one. Pop your pupcakes into the oven for about 15-20 minutes, and voila your puppy is ready to enjoy!

I am very particular with the things I give my baby. She's a westie, and westie's tend to have a lot of skin problems, the majority of which can be avoided by what they consume. For that reason I was skeptical to give her any pupcake, but these ingredients did just fine.

Here is the Peanut Butter I used. It is made by JIF.

Happy Birthday or Congratulations to your puppies! Let me know how it goes! 


Egg-ceptional Love

Hi readers! So here is a miss I just have to report. Hoping that someone somewhere can give me some pointers and make my life easier.

Getting married at the end of 2013, I thought I knew love... but now I know that no one knows love until you peel a dozen hard-boiled eggs for someone. That, my friends, is true love, and I say this, red sore fingers and all.

So my husband and I decided to jump on the New Year's Resolution Bandwagon and start a diet. I read somewhere that any day is a good day to start. So as you are reading this, and rolling your eyes, keep in mind that everyone started somewhere. And frankly I have just gotten too heavy to keep on this way, so I have no choice. [side note: I have gained 30 pounds since I got married a year ago!]

In my defense I am a teacher and there is only so many times I can say no to my kids shoving brownies, cupcakes, lollipops, cookies, chips, soda, pizza [and you know the rest] in my face!

So anyway back to my diet. So we started this new thing called Carb Cycling. I mean maybe it's not new, but it is new to me. And to be honest, this carb cycling thing seems like it may work. I found all the information in Chris Powell's book [which you can check out here]. It involves a dummy proof meal plan and exercise guide.

On this diet, you have to eat a lot of protein, in different forms, but protein nonetheless. This being said, my husband has chosen to eat hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Now, I can hear what you are all thinking, "have him do it himself!" but being the newlywed that I am, these are the sort of things I still want to do for my hubby. Especially if it will help him diet.

So... sorry about the picture quality but I had to post this right away and get some input from all of you. This is what I do... I first boil my eggs. I know we all have different methods, but here is how I do it. I fill my big pot with water, adding a little salt and oil, and then I set it to boil. Once boiling, I put my eggs in for about 6 minutes. I take them out and they are done. Seems easy enough, right? Yes! That is the easy part! 

However... then, I have to peel them. And as you can see, I am not that good at this part! 

What am I doing wrong? Please I need pointers!

Thank you all in advance for your pointers, and emails. My fingers are greatly appreciative!


I AM SO {chalk}BOARD!

Hey all!

I love chalkboards. I love letters. I love everything about this style. I found this picture on Pinterest {of course}! I always give credit where it is due, but this image had no link to it so I have no idea where this beauty came from, but it is a great example of how chalkboards are being used in everyday home decor.

 I love it and if you have been blessed by the chalkboard gods and find a beautiful chalkboard like the one above, you are seriously blessed and should probably go and play the lottery that same day! because these chalkboards are few and far between. This being said, I have invested a ton of money in chalkboard paint {both liquid and spray} and painted many picture frames to turn them into chalkboards to use at events or around my home.

For example, below I used canvas, painted it completely with chalkboard paint, and painted on one my favorite verses for my best friend, Kat.

I love how this came out! What do you think? Interested in purchasing one? Email me or comment below!

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