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Hey all-

Today, as I look around my classroom, I sit and think about how important it is to the life of a child or at least these children, the approval of others. My students, new and old, girl or boy, about to graduate or just entering middle school, all yearn for, hunger for attention and approval of the students around them. The words, the smiles, the nods of approval... they really keep these kids moving.

And It burdens me.

Realizing this hasn't made me pity them, or sympathize for them, but rather it has given me the task, the job, of making sure that they are given at least one nod of approval a day. Even something as a smile can go such a long way with these guys. And as we come to the end, I can't help to think, every year, if, where my 8th graders are going, there will be a teacher, or custodian, or office staff member, or anyone, that will carry this same burden, this same torch. I have to admit, it is a heavy, tiring burden, sometimes. Worrying about them, and caring for them in this way, and maybe some would even argue that I shouldn't, but it wouldn't make me, ME!

Okay, so these are my ramblings of the day, what's on your mind today?

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