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Frozen Party Printables

Good morning readers!

We threw a party recently for my niece that was Frozen themed, and I thought, how cute is this? A Frozen party in the summer! Olaf, of course, approved. Here are some pictures for you to grab any ideas from. This was a collaboration with VIP FD&E and Sweets by Sonia. They are always such a pleasure to work with!

And, if you have a little daughter you know, very well, the FROZEN obsession. Well here is a little freebie for those of you that are planning to have a Frozen themed party this summer.

In this pack there are Food Tents, & Ziploc Bag Tags. Here's what you're going to need:

For these Food Tents, we used marshmallows, and chocolate kisses. We put them each in their own platter with the food tent printed on Cardstock, folded in half, in front. You can get the editable version here. The font I used here is called "Aspire." You will need to download it first into your PC, Notebook, or Laptop. You can find it by "googling" the font name, but there's a great version here. Have never downloaded a font? You can find the How-To here

We also had Olaf Noses {Carrots} and these awesome Ziploc bag tags.

We attached the Ziploc Bag Tags to, you guessed it, Ziploc Bags and then put these in their goodie bags. In each Ziploc Bag, there were 3 marshmallows, two pretzel sticks, some brown M&Ms, and a baby carrot. The guests {Baby L's little friends}, chose to either build their snowman or just eat the pieces. It was SO cute and tons of fun for the little ones. 

I hope you enjoy, and remember to share any of your hits or misses on the comments below. 


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